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B.K Commotrade Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in this field of vehicle parts and machinery. So we completely guarantee excellent service with absolutely no chance for compromise at any level.

Indian Oil

A navaratna company of the Indian government, Indian oil is one of the greatest oil suppliers of the country with huge number of dealers and refineries. Covering all those areas uniformly by the government is not possible. So we at BALABUX KANAHAIYALAL . Bring that relief of distribution. With distributors at every level possible and also at the almost remote places, our priority is to make our good reach the much needed people. In these remote areas, distribution in uniform manner is not always possible. We take the onus to make a quality and quantity retail outlets . Thus, BALABUX KANAHAIYALAL is the place to look for any manner of transaction of this type.


JK Tyres

One of the most noted tyre companies of the world, JK tyres are the best quality of tyres available in market and we deal in their distribution. Be it road tyres, or off-road tyres, or for commercial vehicles or general ones, these tyres are one of repute. We firmly believe in quality coming first and hence, we deal in most authentic of tyres. At BALABUX KANAHAIYALAL we help distribute these tyres in those regions which are specifically deprived of its good quality at affordable rates. Making best use of our given features, we help the people get these things as per their choice without any type of legal or paper complications.

Eicher Tractor

One of the greatest names in world of motor tractors, this vehicle of German origin is a much needed one for the farmers. However, availability of its models are quite rare especially in areas that are remote, but need is maximum there. At B.K.COMMOTRADE.PVT.LTD, we take the onus on ourselves to help people who need this vehicle reach it at their doorstep. Since, it is one that is needed by extremely needy farmers; hence our payment policy is also set in that manner to suit their needs. Customer's satisfaction is our happiness and what better than contributing in a minor way in increasing country's food production.

Exide Battery                                                                                                                           

 It is the greatest manufacturer of batteries in this country as well as provides solutions for various power related issues. An exide battery is easy to maintain, long lasting, productive and comparatively comes at a much less price. Thus, it is a must need for every household for solving various power issues. So here comes BALABUX KANAHAIYALAL. to make sure that this battery reaches every possible household which has a requirement of it. A must need for generating power and other electrical gadgets in various villages; we distribute these batteries even at the remotest of villages to help those out. Perfectly authentic with no malfunctioning with wires, our service in unparallel in all respects. This is just not for saying; do check out our services to get the best of the lot.

Light Diesel Oil

Need for crude oil is high in many areas and we at B.K. Commotrade Pvt. Ltd. understand it and stick to its proper distribution. We guarantee of pure quality, genuine good and exact price. Rather than going in for chances of adulteration, we clearly guarantee purity of the oil and its proper transportation that too within the specified time. Understanding the necessity of its need, we distribute it to specially those areas which are beyond the general purview of getting its supply in proper manner.

Servo Lubricants

  lubricant is a substance introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. It may also have the function of transmitting forces, transporting foreign particles, or heating or cooling the surfaces. Used in vehicle and industries to operate  evenly through out.

Thus, guarantee for right timing, genuinity of quality and our proper transparent transaction process makes us a name to reckon with.


To have the best output in agricultural terms, it is extremely necessary to have the best machinery available. For getting best farm output, one should always use Eicher Tractor.

This is a tractor of German origin and is best suited for all terrain making the best out of every land. However, these are very rare and are very heavily priced, so it cannot be afforded by most of the farmers.

B.K.Commotarde has taken the onus on themselves to provide this tractor at an available payment policy to support small time farmers in need. So now at a reasonable policy rate, the poor farmers will be able to buy these tractors and use them for betterment of the field and crops.

Balabux Kanahaiyalal

In present times where trust issues in business has become a major factor, Balabux Kanahaiyalal is a name to reckon with. This company has always placed great importance to customer satisfaction and hence has made its name in the market.
It is a dealer in oil products and petroleum products, especially associated with the Indian Oil. It also has a series of retail outlets under its chain which are known for dedicated customer service, and providing the best quality product, maintained Q & Q. R.O.
Also, they are dealers in vehicles and suppliers of non-fuel goods such as Amul products, Exide batteries, J.K. Tyres, Vehicle Servicing and Servo lubricants.
As dealers, they are a name one can trust making their business genuine than others.

Sangeeta Devi Drolia

As a sister company to Balabux Kanahaiyalal, this unit of Sangeeta Devi Drolia is mainly known for its transport and leasing business.
With time it has increased its business into transportation and now this is run by this sister company.
They help in providing cars and tractors and other vehicle service for business purpose and other private purposes as well. Most importantly, contrary to normal rates, they are much cheaper and hence people have a better chance to borrow them.
In case of leasing also, they lease out tractors and other farming goods at very cheap rates for farmers to borrow and make their livelihood.

Rajesh Lub’s Hut

This is also the sister company of the Balabux Kanahaiyalal company. Their primary dealing and business is related to Servo lubricant and commission business.
The company is a dealer and supplier of lubricants, with Servo lubricant being the primary one. This part of the business is handled by Rajesh Lub’s Hut and they have been doing a fantastic job.
Providing the customers the best product and at best rates within the specified time period, this is one trustworthy company.
They also have certain commission business, from where they collect commission on various other goods that they supply. This commission is also extremely affordable and people are more than ready to pay them given their reputation.


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